Couples from all across the world have given us the privilege to witness and record the moment in which their lives came together.
We are convinced that every love story is unique and every wedding deserves a personalised service. The excitement, the butterflies before the ceremony, the way she moves, the way he looks at her.
These are your moving memories.
The result is a bespoke and emotional story that encapsulates your love and recounts the most wonderful day of your life.
We don’t have templates, no one wedding is alike and we are thankful for that, as we are constantly so inspired!
In short, live is love – our videography is our labour of love and to capture days filled with love is not something we take for granted, we feel truly blessed. We love your confidence in our work and we are very proud to be alongside you on your wedding day.
The first step of our work is capturing the preparation stages, your chosen setting and surroundings, ceremony and your celebrations throughout the Wedding Day.
The second step is postproduction, which consists in the audio/video editing, art edition and color grading.
We use cinema cameras to give you a beautiful visual experience in 4K.
The soundtrack of your wedding video will be chosen by you, because we believe that the music chosen should be as personal as the imagery captured.
A song that reminds you of each other, a song from when you first met, or even a song you just both love to dance to – all these important details are priceless in creating the
perfect wedding film for you.